Coronavirus Help Page

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – important, please read carefully

We hope that everyone is keeping well, in good spirits and health, in these difficult times.
A huge thank you to everyone who is strictly following all the government guidelines and advice around staying in; every person who does this makes a big difference and allows everyone to get back to normal as soon as possible.

We do however want to further strongly urge that you only go out of your house or garden.

  • If you need urgent and essential food or medication – this should not be daily but as little as possible and should be for essentials only. Newspapers, some toiletries or just ‘extras’ are not necessary; it is perfectly OK to pick these up if you are already in the shop picking up essential food but not as a separate trip
  • Confirmed Hospital appointments
  • If you are a key-worker or other type of worker currently permitted to be continuing work who is unable to homework
  • For daily exercise on foot, staying at least 2m away from all others – this does not permit driving to somewhere to then exercise

Of course, some of our residents, due to age or underlying health conditions, are completely self-isolating and strictly staying within their homes and gardens. We are supporting some people to access food and medications and I know that many of you will also be supporting your neighbours (from a safe distance!) – thank you.

If anyone is worried about anything or would like support, do get in contact with us via the email below or Carole (ERRA Secretary) on 07902494415.

The government is considering an even stricter ‘lock-down’ if everyone does not fully comply with the ‘stay at home’ rules. We are really fortunate here to have gardens to use; many people elsewhere do not have that. We should not get lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that Herefordshire has a relatively low number of people affected by this virus; that can and will change for the worse if we do not follow the guidance.

We cannot stress strongly enough that if you go out when you do not need to then you are not only risking your life but the lives of NHS workers who may have to treat you if you become ill and potentially the life of someone else who needs the medical equipment that you may also need.

Saving lives has never been easier – stay in and be a Superhero!!

Thank you again to everyone doing their bit, it really does make a massive difference. Below are some useful details for shopping etc. which residents are recommending and you may want to try;

  • The Strawberry Stop in Ledbury – different sizes of fruit and veg boxes delivered for free to your doorstep. Ordering is really easy – ring 01531 632664

Prices; Small £13.50, Medium £17.50, Large £25
Payment is via cash on delivery or BACS transfer

Buying our food supplies like this also supports a local business who is beavering away for the community despite also being hit hard.

And finally;

  • Remember to thoroughly wash your hands several times a day, for 20 seconds using soap and hot water
  • Do not touch your face if your hands have not just been washed
  • Continue to check on each other and your neighbours, by phone, email or from a safe distance of at least 2m

This situation will come to an end; let’s stay positive and safe and together we can get through this.
With very best wishes, ERRA

Coronavirus Help Page